Code Check Complete

Any one need a code check complete book i Got an extra one here:)

Which edition/code cycle, and how much?

the book is code check complete here is a pic of the book it is new make me an offer you can get these for 25.00 from

I’ll take it for $15

it is yours you can pay me by check or by paypal if you want to do paypal just send me your email address and i can do the rest i will send the book media mail if you want to send a check my info is Ron Bero 808 Mullet Place Green Bay Wi 54304


Be aware that if this edition was printed in Sept. 2007, it only covers up to 2006/2005 code cycle. Still a good reference book. Reg. retail is $40.00

I was hoping that when Ronald stated “new”, it was a newer edition.

I’m out!


Ron, may want to check inside the front cover, and post the dates covered.

Hi JJonas is correct the book was published in 2007 and covers 2006 international residential code

Thanks for the additional info.

Billy, it is still a very usefull edition. I am looking for newer edition, but doesn’t appear to be available yet.

I am sure that ASHI Education Inc will have a new edition out very soon.

Thanks Greg. Keep us updated.

It looks like mine. Which was printed in 2007 and uses the 2006 codes.

Thats great for me because in my area only 2 cities (83 in the metro area) have at this time adopted the 2009 codes.

Dan I have many municipalities around me. Do I need to call each one to find out what version they are using or do you think they all fall in line with St. Louis City when it comes to what version of code check they are using?

I would check the State website first, to see what cycle they are on. Most smaller communities follow the state, not necessarily the closest city. May also be a county wide issue.

There are no State codes in Missouri.

Billy, Not all of the municipalities in St. Louis County use the IRC. Many who do have modified it by ordinance and use various editions.

If you value your testicles…do not quote code.

I’m not going to quote code I just want to be familiar. I want to study it while in IRAQ. According to this link St. Louis buildings commercial and residential is governed by code. Now I’m not sure what you mean.

For example…

When you need information concerning:

  • Building Code interpretation
  • Preliminary plan review of construction documents for new construction and for additions and/or alterations to existing buildings
  • Approval of building materials
  • Information on Board of Building Appeals
  • Consultation on preparing construction documents for residential maintenance and improvements
  • Status of Building Permit Review

Call or contact the Building Division - Plan Exam Section, Room 400, City Hall, (314) 622-3332

When you need information concerning:

  • Plumbing Code interpretations
  • Plumbing permits
  • Certified plumbers
  • Plumbing inspections

Call or contact the Building Division - Plumbing Section, Room 425, City Hall, (314) 622-4356.

St Louis City writes its own codes.

St Louis County uses its own codes, in part, with some references to International Plumbing Code and the IRC.

Each of the 90 plus municipalities in the county that have codes (not all have their own, but use County’s) use various years of the IRC which they have changed/modified by ordinance.

It is possible to have three houses on the same block under three different jurisdictions using three different code references.

Franklin County, which borders St. Louis County, has no codes at all.

That is what I mean.

I figured that’s where your getting at. So basically we would be crazy to even worry about what the code is on any given home.

Billy -

To reiterate what JB said; In KC we have at least 80-81 cities ot towns making up the metroplex. There are areas in KC where I can be at a major intersection AND have 4 different cities / towns on the opposides sides of the intersection. One using the 2000 IRC, one using the 2003 IRC, one using the 2006 IRC and the 4th using a hodge-podge of various codes (1 version for Building; 1 version for Plumbing; and a version of the NEC for electrical). On top of that some townships EXCLUDE certain provisions OR adapt sections they themselves have written.

Therefore I don’t QUOTE Code UNLESS code certified to do so in SPECIAL cases like EXPERT WITNESS. We talk about “current safety practices recommend” OR “current building standards recommend”, etc.

Having said ALL that get a Code Check 2003 or 2006 Version and Fly with that. By the way / the AHJ in any given area DOES NOT typically use CODE CHECK - they use the actual Code Books. We use Code Check as a short easy to use reference book - AS will you.

Honestly, the best you will ever do is an educated guess which is not what your client is paying for. Don’t use the word “code” in any reference you make to what should be referred to as typically or normally accepted building standards.