Code for porch logs

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Log columns should be treated properly for rot protection and elevated off of the masonry similar to what shown here;


Here’s a section in the IBC saying you need a moisture barrier or 1" standoff from the masonry if it’s not PT. The best way to do that detail is with a knife plate post base, it’s not too expensive even with the engineer stamp on the welds and custom fab.

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I think this association has more experience than the ICC in developing log-related standards:

International Log Builders Association
2000 Log Building Standards

Kenton, it doesn’t seem to address any standard for log columns resting on masonry though.

Basically need to install them so water runs away from the base of the columns…I mean that thars yer problem! Falls under best practices to prevent rot and moisture damage of wood rather than A Code compliance issue.

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Yeah, sorry, I threw that out there late without really checking. At least inspectors will know that it exists.