Code Geek, Code Meek, or Code Freak?

I see so many times people pulling code references out as a reply to questions posted here. I like that, since eliminates the ‘why?’ response to why it’s ok or not. I was wondering, how many are just cut and paste-rs, how many are actually code enforcer/certified?

So, anyone want to fess up if you are ‘officially’ a code expert, and how it has effected your work as an inspector?


I, for one, am not a code “expert” or compliance officer, but I do try and exercise my “working-knowledge” of the codes that are applicable to my area, and as such, I have become familiar with the two most-recognized residential model codes - the UBC and IRC.

I will admit, most of the time I “cut-and-paste” references, if only to save the time it takes to type it out. However, I’m unsure of what you’re inferring by this. Compliance inspectors are not required to “memorize” codes.

I try to keep code out of my posts. A lot of my answers come from common sense.

If I do happen to post a code, it definitely “cut and pasted”. I really don’t think you’ll find anyone here who posts code from memory.

I’ll fess up as well.

I’m not a code enforcer but in a former life I was a compliance engineer for an NRTL that determined compliance to various UL, CSA, NSF, and ASME standards including the NEC for my clients equipment.

I prefer to understand the “why?” behind the code rather than just the code itself as it permits me to explain to my HI clients what the possible safety concern is.

Oh, I meant nothing negative about it, but I notice how many are knowledgeable, and started wondering. Here in Pa, the UCC was adopted, which has caused for much confusion, and difficulty. Many Muny Codes Offices have complained about the level of work load(education mostly) and the response has been to outsource work(funny for less cost too). So since this creates another avenue for income, I wondered how many here were moonlighting as codes people.


I actually considered that at one time, until I came to the realization that this is where the money is. . .

One of my local competitors is the AHJ for several area townships.