Code Inspection

Hello All!
I recently had in interview for Pasco county code enforcement. Been furloughed and now let go from full time job due to Covid. I need a licensed contractor to sign an approved affidavit saying I have 5 yrs inspection experience. Contractor doesn’t have to be from FL. Anyone out there who’d be willing to help me out? I’m in process of researching any forms for this. Thanks in advance!

Contact InterNachi. You’ve been a Member since 2006. I believe Nick does this for Licensing purposes, and nobody has to lie about it!! Also, your State HI license should suffice.

Thank you Jeff. Will do!!

That’s awesome! If I had known this I would have recently applied for a building code enforcement position with the state that was open not too long ago. State beni’s.

And, donuts! LOL!

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