Code of Ethics discussion

An acquaintance asked me (as a general contractor) to meet with him to bid some remodel projects on their house. I find out that it’s his mom’s house they have been renting from her for years and they are planning on buying it, so they need to know the cost of updating the home.

After meeting with him, he says that his realtor will be calling me (as a Home Inspector) to schedule an actual whole house inspection.

The Code of Ethics (and state rules) say I can’t work on a property for 12 months after an inspection.

So the discussion … how is it a conflict of interest for me as a inspector to bid on work I inspect, but as an contractor its not? It’s simply changing hats I’m wearing.

[side note: have you seen the movie “Are we done yet?” It has a great Home Inspection scene]

It also states you cannot inspect a home you have contracted on within 12 months, so basically, there is a 24 month window locking out inspector/contractors.

That is interesting. I didn’t realize not being able to inspect a house that was worked on … this actually makes sense.

Can’t inspect your own work, and can’t inspect to win a ‘bid’.

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