Code of Ethics Essay: AFCI Testing

AFCI indicators help ensure that AFCIs are properly monitoring the circuits that they serve for dangerous arc faults. Although commonly called testers, it is more appropriate to refer to them as indicators, despite terminology that often appears in AFCI “tester” user guides.

AFCI indicators create waveform patterns similar to those produced by actual arc faults.
As their effectiveness has been debated, they should be viewed as a complement to the test button on an AFCI, rather than a substitute.


Aluminum siding is very lightweight.
It is fairly durable. When properly maintained, it can last from 40 years to the life of the structure.
It accepts the application of paint well and can be painted any desired color.
Aluminum siding does not rust.
It is fireproof. In case of fire, it will not burn or melt like other claddings.
It is waterproof. When properly installed, it provides excellent water-resistant capabilities for exterior walls.
Since aluminum siding contains no organic material, it will not rot or serve as a source of food for termites.
An enamel coating baked onto the surface of the siding can mimic the look of other materials, such as wood grain, which gives the siding a more traditional look.
Aluminum siding is recyclable.

Aluminum siding can dent easily, and the damaged area may be difficult to repair or replace. Many siding manufacturers offer a thin backing board of insulation that fits behind each panel. This backing can help protect against dents.
Although the siding takes the application of paint well, it may need to be repainted every five to 10 years. If any oxidization has occurred, it must be removed before new paint is applied, which can make for a labor-intensive process. In general, repainting aluminum siding requires preparation similar to repainting a car.
Scratches in the siding will usually be immediately noticeable and unsightly because they can reveal the metal surface below the paint.

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