Code of Ethics Violation Ex. Required for Full Membership

Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors Exercise

by Mark Caldwell

Example of a Potential Conflict to Interested

I was trying to help my mom sell her house. While we were unable to sell it FSBO especially after it was given a very harsh inspection report, by a potential buyer who eventually didn’t buy it. I decided to help her list it with a real estate agent friend and asked her to refer me to inspect it for any potential buyers. In order to give the realtor more incentive to sell the house mom and I took her out to an expensive dinner with cocktails and the works. While we were there I told that mom and I would offer an additional 1% cash commission on the side if she could sell it the next two months and I could do the inspections.


NACHI # 16081402

Should be posted in student forum Mark. You failed to follow instructions on the traing package like so many others for some reason are doing. Wrong place to post this. Also this would not be a potential conflict. It is a conflict of interest.