Code question

What year was it required to GFCI protect the light over the shower or bathtub. Was it in 2002 or 2005?



From what I see, it’s not required. Only receptacle outlets require GFCI protection.


You are correct. I received a call from an electrician that corrected me.

I was under the impression it was a code. I admitted my error.

Now I know.

By the way. In a 2004 home is the water heater required to be bonded if it has plastic lines. Copper within 18" of the tank?



A water heater is not required to be bonded regardless of the piping. It’s the piping that requires bonding (if it’s metallic). The bonding jumper, seen at the water heater, re-establishes the bond after the piping passes through the water heater.

So to answer your question, there is no required bonding at the water heater, with non metallic piping.

No required bonding but an electric water heater must have a ground wire. It should also be installed where it is visibly evident without removing the small cover plate over the manuf’s junction box.

If the code does not mention it specifically it would fall under the " install as per the manuf’s specs "

AHHH…thats why I hold a class called “Grounding and Bonding”…they often get confused and mixed up.

The Water Heater itself is required to be grounded…but not bonded…unless doing so meets the bonding requirement for piping likely to become energized…

ahh… the mysterious bonded water monster…lives !