Code vs. safety

1989 very expensive home in Palm Beach.
Drawings show a shared HVAC system between the living quarters above the entire garage and the garage itself.
The supply and return ducts run from the air handler in the living quarters, to the garage.
Also, none of the doors leading from the garage to the first and second floor living areas, have closing devices on them.
Architect, engineers, contractors, and building inspectors did not notice this safety concern.
Owner and agents cannot accept that there could be a problem because their drawings are permitted and therefore, in their minds, code compliant.
Code is not the issue, safety is.


There is no code when it comes to safety. Good call.
I think there is still FAC where you cannot sue building depts/inspectors.


Mark has you covered with great advice, Marvin! At least you will be covering your a$$ by putting it in the report. Then it is up to them if they do anything on it or not.

Happy inspecting!

And, welcome back to our forum!..Enjoy! :smile:

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