What is the codes for ground fault interruptors and if there is mold starting to grow on the ceiling of my bathroom due to no ventilation would that be a landlord fault?

Depends on how old the place is for GFCI how ever it is a good practice to be by any water source . Does the bathroom have a window ?

These are some of the dates when GFI protection became required. This would still depend on when the AHJ adopted these codes.
General guidelines for GFCI-protected receptacles include the following locations:•Outdoors (since 1973)
•Bathrooms (since 1975)
•Garages (since 1978)
•Kitchens (since 1987)
• Crawl spaces and unfinished basements (since 1990)
•Wet bar sinks (since 1993)
•Laundry and utility sinks (since 2005)

Don’t blame your landlord for your lack of household cleanliness!

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are a safety issue that has been introduced for a long time now and recommended for your safety.
Proper ventilation in a bathroom will eliminate the possibility of mold and mildew build up in a bathroom.

It sounds like your questions should be discussed with your landlord to see if they can be addressed properly.

About $20 should buy you a GFCI outlet and a bottle of cleaner…