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Does the Membership consider it Ethical for posts from the “ASHI Members Only Forum” to be moved to NACHI but Unethical to move posts from the “NACHI Members Only Forum” to ASHI?

*Post corrected to add the Poll Question. Sorry for any resultant confusion. *

No. What is the old saying about treating others as you would like to be treated?


Neither show be allowed to happen, or from any other members only site, Yes I do belong to both and I think both are a benefit to myself and my customers.


Why have you dragged this discusion to an *open *area of the BB?

If you want to poll the members you should do it in the members only portion of the BB.

Me thinks there is some hidden motive afoot.

Consider why, after being deposed as NACHI’s president, Hagarty felt a need to go through all of his old posts and delete his positive defenses of our association from those outside of it. The motive begins to become a bit more clear…:wink:

Jim, you have a better way of turning EVERYTHING into a conspiracy theory and the most Negative turn on anything than anyone I have ever seen.

Thanks, but I’m sure there are others who can do better.

Mike asks a legitimate question.

As most of us know, in the months before the 2005 NACHI convention, Joe Hagarty caught wind that there was a group of members who were going to challenge his presidency on the open floor due to the fact that, as president, he did absolutely nothing. Hearing of this, Joe tendered his “resignation” to Nick effective 11/04, instead of being booted out. Following the convention, the new president and ED were announced. Hagarty went through his past posts (as anyone with access to the archives can see for themselves) and deleted all of his “presidential” pro-NACHI positions and…ever since…has lurked in the shadows of the message board sniping at those who he feels were disloyal to him. This can be just as easily observed.

His “fan club” lies outside of NACHI, these days, and taking issues like this on the public part of the board where he can be seen as “Mr. Integrity” and crap like that…wins him a whole bunch of points.

All of this can be validated from the posts he has YET to delete from the message board.

So Dave,

You seem to think Hagarty’s motives are as pure as the driven snow eh?

There are a number of members here who love to trot out their disagreements with NACHI and how it is run. It isn’t hard to demonstrate that BTW

I don’t believe that is what I said Michael. I was not privy to the reason for the Presidential change at the Convention. Actually, myself, Paul Sabados and Gary Johnson were way too busy trying to get the convention running correctly to worry about politicial bs. i don’t remember Mr. Bushart being at the convention so I am wondering how he has all this first hand knowledge.

Michael, I will say that, after meeting Joe a couple of times, that he has lost a lot of his PRO NACHI views that he had years ago. However, I know of many, many, many longer members that lost a lot of their PRO NACHI views because of many of the bull**it that goes on.

Dave you accused JB of of fostering conspiracy and being negative without questioning JHs intent for posting or his attitude.

Not at all.


Anyone that has been here for sometime knows why things happened as they did. We have no need to question Joe H on why he started this thread. There is a lot of false information being posted on this thread. Joe was our first President and did what needed to be done during his tenure.

I think that the entire history is recorded well enough throughout the threads for those who have the access and take the time to review them. It’s not very difficult at all to see who has stood by the association and who has not.

Most people do inspections with their time and are unable to do that.


I have been here for 2 years(1 as a member).

When you say “We have no need to question Joe H” Why?

Is he exempt from criticism?
Is he above reproach? (someone forgot to tell me)

You say there is “false” information being posted here -Care to site some examples?

I am not questioning Joe H’s tenure as president-I don’t really care.

Simple fact is there was a discussion on this topic in the members only section and he felt compelled to post a poll here on the open section.
I’m sorry but it doesn’t pass the smell test IMO. I call them as I see them.

Because he has a right to post his feelings just as everyone else does.

The false information is why Joe resigned as President.

I was just answering the question that you asked Dave.

As do I!

I am not arguing that he doesn’t have the right to post his feelings. I am questioning the propriety of posting this poll and discussion on the public portion of this board. Some things are more appropriate as internal debate. I will assume you have read the discussion that Joe H started in the Members Only area in the Ethics section.

I wasn’t a memeber at that time and so I don’t have a dog in the race.

I thought Dave should answer.

Glad to hear it. Keep up the good work.

Only Joe knows what is lurking in the darker corners of his mind…but bringing the debate out of the “Members Only” section into the public arena is fine with me.

You see, Joe has done with this debate exactly what I did with ASHI’s “secret and private” discussions on NACHI. Now, both sides are open to the public for discussion.

While he probably intended harm, I think he really did good.

My decision to drag some of the ASHI threads into the light was purely personal and after May 19th, I may share the thought process behind it. I may also decide to keep it to myself. I am not certain, yet. At any rate, I will continue to act on my own accord without seeking anyone’s permission or approval.

If it bothers you to read the posts, I would suggest you not visit the thread.

I am confused by the voting choices, though. The title “Question of Ethics” Yes or No…I voted “no” in that I do not feel it is a question of ethics. Is that how the poll is designed to be read?

Let’s parse this out:

Membership of what? Since both ASHI and NACHI members (and anyone else) can view this thread it is a meaningless poll.

I suppoe it makes a diffence to which org you belong and who’s COE and message board rules you are operating under. Again meaningless.