COE Violation Proceedures ?

This question is for Someone at NACHI only to answer. Maybe Nick or Chris ?

OK what is the procedure to report a COE violation.?

Please give the correct email or phone or whatever is needed to begin the process.



If your issue involves a fellow member, try to resolve it yourself privately first. Calling the member on the phone works 99% of the time.

If that fails, let me try to resolve the issue amicably. My email is

But I have tried that method and you just put the spin on them and squash them.

Is there still an ESOP committee that will actually be unbiased or is it now all on you to determine a claims validity?


I would try the methods I suggested in post #2 first. ESOP would be a last resort IMHO. Have you called the member on the phone? Yes or no?

Nick gives us a spankin’.
Larson would love that .

I didn’t know any ESOP committee even existed after they were basically ****ed in the *** not too long ago!

Many times. That is a pointless discussion.

You have lost your mind.

I was only kidding about the village idiot bit.

I guess I was right after all.

Who knew?

Once upon time when the COE meant something, complaints were sent to the chairman of the ESOP and handled as needed.

Oh Mike! I love you …Hahaha !
You make me laugh !
I’m sure Nick would give you a spankin’ if you like .

You’re assuming I had one to begin with .

Oh got ya now, I see you went back and re-wrote that post#2 after I had quoted it

Nick we are not talking about a member to member situation to be amicabally handled.

I am referring to a COE violation by a vendor.


Is the vendor a vendor member of InterNACHI?

Yes, sure is

What is your goal on this subject. Really !

The Village Idiot ! LOL !

James as asked a very reasonable question in this new era at NACHI.

His “goal” is his business not yours.

The I think you should try the two methods I suggested in post #2 first.

I tried that 2 times last week and you simply squashed them both even though you know both were iron clad and with undisputable proof.

Nick, you know what? You can just delete or close this thread.
I intended to ask a real and valid question that many here would have liked a real answer to. You came in once again making a joke and diverting from a straight answer. If that is not true, then my assumptions were correct, and any COE violation must pass through first, rendering it pretty much useless as far as any non biased decision goes.


can you say BUSTED Nick?

? How could I “squash” your phone call to him? I’m not AT&T. Did you call him on the phone, yes or no?

Are you the last say or is there a chain of command ?

Chris is at the top of the food chain, so to speak.