Coffee Nick?

Hey Nick going to be in Colorado this weekend. Going white water rafting down the Royal Gorge and then some zip lining. Will be in Denver Monday I think. If I can make it want to sit and have a cup of coffee?

And in this corner…:smiley:

Have a safe trip Russell

Come up to Boulder on Monday morning and I’ll give you a tour. I’m there in the mornings and then again in the evenings. The place is too crazy mid-day for me to work at the offices. Total mad house. The weather is warm and sunny. My cell: (720) 272 8578. I work very late (at least until midnight every night) so you should be able to catch me.

I pulled down Monday’s schedule. Here are the staffers you’ll get to meet if you come on Monday:

In on Monday:

  • Lisa E.(Communications Director)
  • Jessica (Marketing Director)
  • Chloe (shipping, tech support)
  • Ben (Education Director)
  • Kenton (Green Building Director, author, NACHI.TV)
  • Kevin (web designer)
  • Paige (accounting, NACHI.TV, databases, events)
  • Indie (mail)
  • Mark (legal)
  • Erika (NACHI.TV video editor)
  • Rich (printing)
  • Nick (janitor, member benefits)
  • several part-timers


  • Mack (Home Depot, corporate deals)
  • Ron (P.E., Stucco/EIFs, CMI, group marketing)
  • Griffin (set construction/tear down)

On vacation:

  • Alyse (foreign language translator)

Working from home on Monday:

  • Kate (Editor in Chief)
  • Rob (inspection article researcher)
  • Lisa V. (graphics artist, architect)

Philadelphia IT office:

  • Chris (IT Director)
  • Tim (IT, FetchReport, online inspection agreement, education transcripts)
  • James (InspectorPages)
  • Beccah (verification and ID cards)

thanks…we will see what happens! Will try to make it happen