Cold ! Yep ! In Florida as well.

I really feel sorry for you guys that live in the colder parts of the country.
But Hell ! Its only going to get to 39 all day here in north Florida on Tuesday.

And the low for tonight is 19…I hate it.

I worked in below zero temps multiple times last week. One day, the high was 6!!! Without the windchill. 39 is Spring-like to me. It will be 75 again before you know it down there. Grin and bear it. It won’t be 75 again here til about June (Vermont).

wind chill here tonight -10 ummm so much for the sunny south , I may have to break out the old Canuk cloths ( if they fit lol)

I the 70’es I worked on the pipeline in Alaska, but I was in my 20’es .
It was so cold there the lawyers had their hands in their own pockets.
As I get older it seems to get colder.

Roy the coldest i seen was -50 in the 80’s nothing would start. Except a beat up 68 dodge i had lololol

So cold that if you take a pee outside you have to break it off

in North Dakota your eyes could actually freeze open. sometimes, or at least it felt like it.

-14 in Indy this morning. Trade ya!! Lol

Make sure you tie a string around it so you can find it!



Roy learn to enjoy the luck you have. It is hot as hell here all the time :frowning: tonight it should get cold then maybe for a day or so.


Was -25 this am with wind chill of -58…I like winter but not this much!

Darn !
Down here the best thing about cold weather is the crawl snakes ain’t moving.
Just did an inspect on the Suwannee river and I didn’t worry about the moccasins being out.
I still hate it when its cold like this…

One good thing about up here, way less poisonous critters.

Ain’t that the truth !

Roy L.

Mocs are about the nastiest of the nasty. Straight up mean :frowning: Kill em all and let god sort them out when it comes to Mocs.

They ain’t the sweetest critters I like to see in a crawl, but a moma coon with babys is the worst…Yep!

NWS changed the low tonight to 17 !
Welcome to the Sunshine State.

Put my house on the market, and left Jacksonville in Feb '09 after living there for 5 yrs. That nite, it got down to 18, froze and broke the pipes, while I was back in WV.

Luckily my neighbor saw it and thought to turn my well pump off for me.

So much for warm, sunny Florida!