Collectable Sports Cards

I have a TON of sports cards. Does anyone know anything about finding their values?

Try this, its fun to use…

I will check it out.

Anyone know anyone they really trust in South Florida?

I really have a bunch. at least 5 jumbo ziplock bags full. Was kind of organized until today when they took a spill in storage.

Beckett Magazine can give you the “book value”. But cards usually sell for much less, depending on what you have. Ebay is a very active market for sportscard people. You can do a search for current or completed auctions of a specific card to see what people are paying. If you want to let me know what all you have I can help you out further.

Generally, only the “Rookie Cards” are worth anything.

Go through them all and pull out the “rookie cards” put the rest in your kids bike spokes using a cloths pin. They will think that is cool.

Anything from the late 80’s to 00’s were pretty much over produced and worth very little. Look on ebay for secondary market prices. Raw cards won’t go for as much their graded counterparts.


If you have any rookies from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s I might be interested in them…

this is a great link…!

Thanks to all so far.

Anyone know anyone trustworthy in Hollywood Florida or the surrounding areas.

I would love to drop them off with someone and let them do it for a cut or something.

What are some of the cards?


I have not even started to look yet.

Mostly football and baseball cards from my Father In Law.