Collection Service Any Good?

Is this service any cheaper and has anyone done business with them?

If you dont bill anybody then you never have to worry about collecting. All my jobs are COD


I simply file a small claims at my local courthouse for a fee of $30.00.

When my client receives the court notice in the mail to be in my city court house on a specific date. This notice will always get them to call me and I go over the payment procedures with them. I’ll receive a bankers check (to include the $30.00 court costs) in the mail within days. I then contact the court to drop charges.

Very simple…Cost effective.

Wish that happened to my cases David…I have (2) over the years I have done that and you cant get BLOOD from a turnip.

I have won both cases…received judgement and one was for 190.00 and the other for 1,200 and neither have paid to date and in fact did not even show up in court.

So while filing is rather easy it does not guarantee anything.

Collections are in the same board…they can go after someone and appear in court and so on, if they do get you money they will likely take half…which half is better than nothing but I know some collection guys and they have just as much trouble as anyone else would for the most part.

I require payment at the time of the inspection.
No one owes me any upaid fees at this time.

I was just wondering if this company was any good.

excellent news John…mine were bad checks wrote to my company that bounced…lol…in the end the paper the judgement was written on is worth more than the check they wrote.

The Quote:
We charge a set up fee of $250.00 and that includes an unlimited amount of invoices!!!

  • 10% 0-90 days old
  • 15% 91 to 365 days old
  • 25% 366 to under 2yrs old
  • 35% for anytthing over 2yrs old
  • Litigation/execution will require additional fees.

In the end I guess people would have to have a LARGE amount of unpaid debt to make this worth doing from the company you posted…as you stated most get it up front…bet they dont do alot of business in the HI industry.

What about bad checks? I get several every year. I send them to this company for collection. They keep 35% of recovery, no up front charges.


Since you do business with these folks, you should write them and
ask them if they will give NACHI members a disount.

You never know.

I will not do business with a company that has open ended “additions fees”, if I can avoid it.

If they don’t pay or show up for their appointed court date (which has never happened to me), they will now have a live warrant and obtain bad credit through the system.

Now, I’d like to see them purchase a home after screwing the courts.

I have had a few bad checks over the years. I have only one I have been unable to collect on for $200.00. The guy seems to have just disappeared. Its just not worth the hassle to try and collect from him. He also stiffed the termite company that did some treatment form him.

Here in Florida you can put a lean on the property. I’m sure that’s the case in most states.
If and when they try to sell or go for a loan it shows up. They usually sing a different song then.

dang…I think I must be filing wrong against these people…mine are agaisnt the unpaid debt…once I get judgement thats it…they still did not pay and guess what…bought a new home not 1 year later…

That’s the wondeful court system your dealing with in Virginia.

Ours is fantastic…