Collier County Florida Code Inspection

I received a couple of interesting emails this weekend concerning home inspection. this was forwarded from the local ASHI group.
It is believed by many that the “county inspection” will be promoted by realtors and eliminate work for home inspectors.
It will be interesting to see where this goes.
"Collier County Florida Code Inspection
Follow the link below. I think we should all protest County Code. Inspections on foreclosures. That would greatly limit our business."](

"The Code Inspection Guidelines are being created right now for what our role will be.
The “Investigator Steps” for a Collier County property will change drastically. I am on a Task Force as a consultant…
The county will want to approve which inspectors are qualified to do the inspections and they have to follow the list from the county.

The inspection portion is not difficult - however the paper work involved is overwhelming. We are going to be required to pull historic information on
all properties, check aerial photographs, look at the property appraiser sites to match existing structures, Google Maps/Google Earth, obtain permits from the Records Department, document all accessory structures and photograph, identify all alterations, conversions, additions, and accessory structures (sheds, pole barns, fences) and inspect interior/exterior of all
rooms, bathrooms, garages, and kitchens against the permits and very Codes (a licensed GC could do this, put how many inspectors are licensed GC’s?).

This will not limit our jobs…it will increase the time it takes to do our jobs.
It will require extra staff time and reports will take longer to turn around. BTW these documents cannot be found online at this time. (Lee County only has permits on-line)
Not to mention the liability if a code case is not read correctly.

I have known about this since last fall. The changes are being made behind closed doors and there is no mention of this to the public. Think of the repercussions to the Real Estate Transaction. Time lines will not be met; closing will be delayed…etc…"
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From: Robyn DeVille Home Check Systems/Triplett Construction

They will learn the hard way, property conditions change quickly and drastically on vacant homes. HUD has some driveby guys do some of these and they are a joke.

Most homebuyers know to get their own inspector (and not the realtors favorite one).