Color Alarm Principles

Looking for a “conversation” to the basic principles of adjusting an IR Camera’s Hi-Lo Color Alarms.
Thanks in advance.


Seeing no one has come to this post as of yet, to promote or discus the basics of thermography, for the over ><20,000 members, to which I suspect a percentage, even 1% being 2000, how do members become involved in thermography for real, I will continue.

A Basic Guide to Thermography.

From An Abstract.
A thermal image of both hands of a patient with suspected complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) was displayed with different palettes, both in continuous and isotherm sequences of colours.

The reasoning behind my post was to see if anyone would enjoy teaching thermography principles, seeing that we have some astute thermographers, or at least become involved in a thermography decision. Topic, “COLOR ALARM PRINCIPLES”

Using Isotherm?