Colorado burning all around me.

Boulder is beautiful… even on fire.

Don’t want to see your area on fire…but that is a pretty photo.

Quite a picture. I glad to be viewing from Michigan…stay safe!

It’s all just “stuff.” As long as no one gets hurt, I’m fine with it burning.

My daughter just messaged me.

They can see a fire across the highway from them in Eagle CO

Planes overhead at the moment.

Tell her to get her bug-out bag ready. Do you ever come out this way to visit her?

Yes, we were there in early May

You should have stopped by. Marv Goldstein (President of ASSHI)'s daughter lives in Boulder and when he came to visit her earlier this year, he spent 1/2 a day with me.

Maybe next time.

We hadn’t been with the grand kids in awhile and had a great time though the drive is long.


everyone be well & stay safe!