Colorado guys

Hey was wondering if we have anyone near Brekenridge, I will be flying up and spending a few days. I was wondering what all I should take in. Anyone ever been here?

Breckenridge is just another upscale ski town. What kinds of things are you looking to do, Brian?

These places are relatively close

Mt. Evans: drive to 14,000 ft. and walk among herds of Big Horn Sheep and Mtn. Goats. Website says it’s closed but we haven’t had much snow and have had warm days recently. You might call them.

Estes Park: Scenic highway runs along the base of the continental divide
past Longs Peak (spectacular climbing wall).

Top 1/3 of the Diamond

Many hiking trails. Wild country. Elk often wander through town in Estes. Stop for lunch in Nederland. Caribou recording studio recorded top musicians there during the 70’s. Steven Stills got thrown through the window of the Pioneer Inn (still there). I’ll meet you up there for lunch if you do this one.

Eisenhower tunnel: Park by the tunnel and walk the divide. Headwaters of the Colorado River.Tunnel is at treeline.

South Park: Pretty drive to it. Lots of history. Arapaho indian summering place for hundreds of years. Fur traders rendezvoused there. Big valley surrounded by peaks.

Estes isn’t too too close to Breck…but if you have a wild hair, by all means take that drive it is awesome…

While in Breck …depending of course on when you will be here.

If you like snowmobiles…take a snowmobile tour…

At that same place…(sorry don’t know name of it)…you can also take a sleigh ride pulled by Belgians…the sleigh will wander through the woods and take you to an old time miners camp…feed you…bring your own wine and bring enough to share w/ folks around you and be prepared for some fun!

Also at that same place…sled dog rides…and you get to drive!

Breck is great…stay away from the outlet stores in nearby Dillon area…

But…go check out Lake Dillon…neat place as well, probably still frozen this time of year…

Also, check out the dead pines…That area is devestated by the pine beetles…

Hmmm…Pikes Peak is only 1.75 hours away…and while you’re here I could meet up with you and say hello…or not :wink:

Bubba Gumps is in breck as well…good for the kids…they love that stuff don’t they?

I will be there late tonight and staying there until Sunday. I do plan on snow mobiling and snow boarding. I had also heard about the sleigh ride. Just wanted to see what the local guys say to do. Thanks for the ideas.