Colorado Inspectors Mastermind Group

Looking to start a group for Mastermind group for Colorado inspectors to help each other grow, learn from each other, and attack this Denver market together. Anyone interested?



Hello Nathan,

I am not interested.

Thank you.

Ha I forgot about this, are you even a member? LOL

He just joined the message board 17 minutes ago

Hello Nathan,

I am not.

Thank you.


I would appreciate if you stayed out of this.

Thank you.

Now that’s funny

Just joined huh… … … … … … …
I THINK you are secretly “Goofy The Cab Driver” aka Steve from Denver!

Zack, welcome to our forum! Enjoy… :smile:

However, we try to treat our members kindly, eh?

Following, I think that would be a great idea.

Hello Larry,

I appreciate your comment here. I want you to know that you are the inspector I look to most often for your comments on these pages and subsequently I respect you the most. Therefore I will be be treating all members with extreme kindness for now on.

Thank you.


I understand why you might be upset at me after reflecting on what Larry Kage said, I realize the error of my ways. Its hard for me to integrate into a new group of people… no… friends. I would appreciate (though do not require) an apology for the words / emojis (barf emoji) that you used to describe me. I am not a ‘Goofy’ I am not a “Steve” from “Denver” Please give me my own chance to make an impresssion.

Thank you.

Great, Zack, glad to hear it! And, you’re welcome.

Hey Zacky!
Please read careful next time OK? Don’t be a paranoid.
I was barfing over Steve-Goofy, no one else. Nothing to apologize for.
AND welcome! … … … … . I think… … … …

You have it anytime you interact here… :joy: