Colorado InterNACHI meeting in Denver on Tuesday July 14, 2009.

Just a reminder the Colorado Chapter InterNACHI meeting is this Tuesday, July 14th, at 6:30 pm. Location the Perkins Resturant located 1 block West of I-25 on Colorado Blvd. in Denver. Structural Solutions will be speaking about grading and drainage and the effect they have on the foundaton.
Hope to see you there.

James Krumm
Vice-President Colorado InterNACHI

**Sooo **happy you guys are still continuing the legacy and meetings we all started after Nick’s initial '03 visit from PA!
I left for Idaho after 2 years & founding Colo NACHI; all the original members have moved on, apparently.
You folks are really doing well, and I’m happy to see the many success stories!
Russ Spriggs (Loveland)
Colo NACHI Founding President

I missed this post therefore I missed the meeting. Is there a website for this chapter or a contact person to join chapter.