Colorado licensing meeting in Colorado Springs with Nick Gromicko on Dec 8, 2014.

Required reading:

I’ll be there early, but can’t stay too late (2-hour drive back home for me). So if you need to meet with me one-on-one, come early.

That reads like a lynching of home inspectors. Based on that biased propaganda piece, the only solution is government regulation.

It was produced by our state’s Office of Policy which is generally pro regulation. The report was very favorable to CMI.

While it may be favorable to CMI, calling it a report would be collusion. That propaganda piece is certainly not favorable to the home inspection profession and the professional home inspector. It will however, guarantee a revenue stream for education providers (state licensed of course) and the State of Colorado.

That’s what they are figuring. Little do they know, I’m going to provide it for free forever in Colorado. If licensing is adopted in my state, all the home inspection schools will need to buy plywood to board up their windows.

See ya all tonight!

How did the meeting on licensing go in Colorado? Is it a done deal?

Not yet, but CMIs are fine either way now.