Colorado sewer license?

Hi I’m trying to find out if Colorado requires a license too do sewer inspections. Any information would be appreciated.

Curious… Are you planning on inspecting “Sewers” or “Lateral Lines” or both??

Mainly camera inspection on lateral lines. But depending what was required possibly sewer inspection as well

Why would you inspect a “sewer”? They are owned by the municipality.

I live in a very remote area. I was referring to septic systems. Tanks ext… I apologize for the confusion. Do you have any advice on this matter?

I’m in southern Colorado. There is no licensing to do sewer scopes (run a camera through the line from the house to the city to see the condition on the pipes), BUT in some municipalities you have to get on the list to be approved for Septic Inspection. Most counties north of me (Pueblo, El Paso, Douglas, Denver, etc) require you to be listed. I took the NAWT course (2 days in person, good for 2 years) to be certified about a year before Pueblo County started requiring septic inspections upon sale. FYI, most pumpers do inspections and the tank needs to be pumped when inspected/property sold. I had a sweet deal with the local pumper until the new requirement came in for Pueblo County, now he’s a septic inspector as well, and honestly, I generally refer it out to him. I do more business with my sewer scope than I ever did with the septic inspection. When it’s required the seller pays for pump/inspection, so they are looking for a one stop shop. When it isn’t required, the buyer has to pay to have it pumped/inspected and they for some reason are willing to split that up.

Your mileage may vary, but that’s been my experience.

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Absolutely. Read Marcy’s post above as it’s ‘spot-on’, IMO. :+1:

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