Colts Neck/Freehold NJ

Hey guys. I have a referral if anyone interested… I have a friend who needs and inspection in Freehold/Colts Neck NJ with Septic and Well… Im only licensed in the state of NY and cant legally perform inspection… Anyone interested??

John, have them give me a call @ 848-565-7741. I would be happy to help them out.

Thanks buddy… Like i said they are dear friends of mine… We coach football together…Be on the lookout for a call from lori Ann or Donnie Binkes.

Thanks buddy …

Thanks buddy… Lori Ann and Donnie Binkes…

Thanks buddy… They are very good friends… Lori Ann and Donnie Binkes… Whats your name??



Thanks buddy. Like I said they are long time friends of mine. We coach Little league football together in brooklyn… Expect a call from Donnie & Lori Ann Binkes