colts weren't the only winners in Indy today

Thanks to Brad, Troy , Juan , Billy and a few others that made this weekend power conference even better. Learned much listening to these guys, sharing ideas and experiences and having some good laughs along the way. The conference was put together well and the information was helpful and sparked a new breath of creativity as we were challenged to think outside the box.
Nathan and his team did an A-1 job putting this 1st year event together and I now know why they have had such success!!
Thanks to everyone and I hope to keep in touch as we all seek to build our businesses and hopefully improve our industry as a whole,
By the way , the wisdom of one of the country’s top selling realtors and the humble presentation of the “big man” Spud Webb were highlights on the entire event. Two thumbs up for time and money well spent !!!

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It was a pleasure to meet you you in person George. I look forward to exchanging ideas with you again.

Don’t forget about working on Russell to cover our future round of golf :slight_smile:

I agree George!! What a 1st class event!!! This was a well run as you could ask for and Nathan’s staff worked their butt off to make sure this thin went smooth! I plan on taking this information to totally change my business operation practices and hopefully simplify my life! Thanks Nathan! I’ll see you next year!

Nice job Nathan. Very professional and well run by your staff.

George, you are a class act buddy. I’m glad I met you and you are set up to succeed in this industry. Next time I see my folks in Louisville I’ll call.

Thanks you to Nate team great job a one of a kind high end event. Looking forward to returning next year… It was great and a pleasure to see some old friends, follow inspectors from our state and city, meet some new ones and being able to share ideas and knowledge with one another. May everyone have a Safe and Bless week. Thanks once