Came across this yesterday.

Wrote it up as - Flange does not appear to be fastened to the beam properly. Further review by a licensed contractor is recommended.

Anyone have a better narrative for this?

Temporary style screw jack in place to support beam.
Rec framing Carpenter examine as it does not have proper connection in place.

Going to writing something similar later tonight.

Why are ya’ll calling for “review” or “examine”???

You already did.

Just fix the dang thing !!!

I’m over thinking it…it should have said…

Repair by a licensed contractor is recommended.

Agreed, we know its wrong, no need to have your client ask someone else if he thinks its wrong too, just tell him it needs repair.

Better… but also…

Well… either it is, or it isn’t…

Not an attack on you specifically Jim, just generally to all HI’s, but these are the kinds of comments that give HI’s a bad name. If you can’t identify whether there is a connection or not, and you are unwilling to make a statement to get something repaired that needs correcting… just what is it you are providing to your clients?

Bob, some jurisdictions will allow a temporary “screw jack” if the “screw feature” is permanently disabled, such as placing a weld bead to the threads. Next time you see one, take a look at where the threads enter the post. It may have been welded together.

Who fix it ?
The Homeowner ?

Only in the North woods…“only in the north woods” my friend.

Here! Here!

Where did I say not allowed or do ignore it is a screw jack (meaning fast correction) ?

Go ahead and tell them to fix it your way rather than having a Carpenter but I like staying out of court myself.

Also, is the post base properly attached (secured) to floor? Supported with proper footing?

Geessus!!! Do you honestly need me to spell it out for you?

And you know what? Most MEN around these parts are capable of making that repair.

You must be one of those city-slicker-p u s s i e s we keep hearing about!!! :twisted:

…ha ha ha

Looking at hammers but not sure what they are for.
Please reply.

What the hell they paying you for then ?

Should have went here first…

Then I would have went with…

The column is not connected to the beam. The post should be mechanically connected to the beam above to provide additional resistance against lateral displacement. A licensed contractor should repair as needed.

Boom! How’s that? :slight_smile:

Your welcome ?

Works for me! :wink:

Thanks guys…

why not just a qualified person? its either acceptable or not. i dont care who does it.

And what about in states that don’t license contractors??