Combination AFCI's

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Wow thanks for that info! I don’t even recommend AFCI on older homes but just GFCI. Now for sure I will inform of the problem created with trust.

This is the type of information for which this site is famous and invaluable. Thank you.

YEP!!! Good one thanks for the INFO

Roy C. the king of home inspection information in Canada with his reams of rock solid, stock plied prevalent documented home inspection material PS,and *** the king of banter and wit*** just sent me the article via email.
That is the person he is.
He knows I hate controversy.
I stay away from the MB due to my-own actions in defense-of others myself becoming a lightning rod for controversy.

AFCI glowing contacts.
It hit me like a sledge hammer.
I have seen this live!!
Not understanding the phenomenon on the inspections I did write it up as suspect but could not carry my narrative too the fact based conclusion one needs to be a solid HI.
Now I can. :slight_smile:

**If INACHI members have recorded evidence for the UL underwriters laboratory’s it may help to change or amend the code for AFCI breakers…
I hope InterNACHI home inspectors add there voice to the challenge in 2014.
UL might want recorded evidence for NEC amendments in 2014.

All InterNACHI home inspectors can send there findings to help the cause.
It will help INACHI and save lives.
A win win situations in my opinion.

Canadian email address.

Code authorities
Regulatory Services
Pierre McDonald,
Telephone: 780-419-3202
Toll Free: 1-800-595-9844 Press 3, then 4

Great information…

So the question is how to report this on your home inspection report, or do you?

Bingo there is the words you need Receptacles ,Damaged, Inoperative .Reversed Polarity . . Repair immediately .
Glad to help where I can all the best… Roy

This is from Roy Cooke.