Combustion Air in Garage

Alright, here is the question. How many of you report whether or not combustion air for a forced air gas furnace or for a gas water heater is present in a garage?

Okay guys this is not a difficult poll here. A little participation would be nice.

How big is the unit and how big is the garage?

Give location. CYA

There’s nothing that prohibits drawing combustion air from a garage. Many furnaces and water heaters are located in garages, so what are you really asking?

I always list the SOURCE of combustion air for all gas fired furnaces and gas water heaters in every report I write.

Ditto. (Does that make me a Dittohead?)

What is the problem?

Natural draft Gas burning appliances are NOT allowed installed in garages in the city of Chicago.

A sealed burner Cat 4, “properly installed appliances” can be used to heat a garage.

And another thing:

Smoking cows
or pyromaniac Cows with lighters or matches are strictly forbidden in garages and barns!!


Does that include those ceiling mounted auxiliary heaters?