Combustion air pipe asbestos

What are these older combustion air pipes made of. Sometimes they are metal/magnetized. And in this case it is not. Could they be asbestos? TIA.


It looks like transite.

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Looks like transite asbestos here also. This has to be noted but is not a big problem: the fibers are embedded in the asbestos: the main risk is abrading or cutting the pipe out. Spray painting it is sometimes done to seal the fibers in, but really should come with markings so someone does not mishandle the material in the future.

In my area properly disposing of asbestos scraps is prohibitively expensive, involving a lot of paperwork. It’s illegal to move between homes too, so you can’t consolidate it.

Thank you both. In my second year and haven’t seen a whole lot of this that’s why I asked. Appreciate it greatly

Consider also: it could be the lowest section of an old flue.
It might not be makeup air at all.

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If it serves as a combustion air inlet it has been compromised (covered over).

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