Combustion Air

Looks legit right?

No outside combustion air in unsealed Mech Closet. Return air looks kinda close…

Manufactured home? (Looks like one).

Just open a friggin bedroom window. :wink:

I like the way they fit the hardwood flooring around the door jambs and the furnace.
Let’s just hope the TPR never lets go. Water and hardwood floors don’t get along very well. :slight_smile:


Tile floor…

No tpr valve or piping at all so there…and the single wall vent pipe is a tad close

Well, wood or tile, built-up floor around furnace has never proven as a good thing. :slight_smile:

“So, what are your thoughts on the Flir One??”

I don’t like it

Is that a condensing type water heater on a galvanized B vent?