combustion analysis in Canada

Hello everyone.
Is there somebody who can answer me some questions about combustion analysis in Canada?
I have to do a schoolwork about this topic and till now I didn’t have that much information.
Questions are about who uses a combustion analyzer, are there any regulations for combustion analysis and which combustion analyzers.

I hope there is somebody who could help me.

I don’t think this forum is the best place to look. Home Inspectors may check gas appliances for the presence of Carbon Monoxide, but it is beyond our scope to do a combustion analysis.

I am not aware of a requirement to do combustion analysis for residential appliances that burn fuel beyond new product testing for safety certification and efficiency ratings.

You do not say what type of combustion, several but not all, Canadian provinces require automobiles to pass an emissions test every few years, which is a type of combustion analysis.