Comcast Internet Customer Service

What is your experience with Comcast internet customer service?

Today I confirmed my after 3:00pm appointment at 2:30ish when their automatic service called.

Again at 4:40 the phones rings from them as per my caller ID. I answer very quickly and there is no answer.

!/2 hour later I call them and ask them what is going on? They say I did not answer to confirm and the appointment was canceled. Not only did I answer the phone the last time they called and no one responded but I confirmed via their automatic service 1/2 hour prior to the first appointment.

They now apparently are trying to contact someone but can make no guarantees. If no one shows today I will very likely cancel my services with them.

Please list your experience with them so others can be warned. The longer we make this and the more folks participate the more it will show up in search engines.

Had them for two years. Never had problems with their customer service.
Switching to ATT UVerse next week because of lower prices. We’ll see how their customer service does.

Were dropping Comcast end of the year and going to bright way. The customer service is horrible with Comcast. When they mess up your bill they call you a liar.

My Comcast internet goes down 1 to 3 times a day every day. Americans have some of the slowest internet on the planet. We pay the most and get the least.

Mine goes down an average of once a year for several hours.
Small towns get the last upgrades because they are not as profitable.

Yes Customer service is terrible however if you wish can often bargain with them.
Used to work for them so my tip is to hang up and call again till you get someone not eating chips with an attitude.

Often now in days they are in another state from where you are calling.
Keep in mind if you are on long enough the supervisors may begin listening and they do not like that .

Never had a easy time dealing with Comcast.Had to go with them for the speed but really tried not too.

Yeah they tried to call me today at 9:30 and it was a real person this time. I did nit answer and am currently trying to figure how to replace them with some company that will not waste a 1/2 of one of my days and NOT SHOW UP.

Florida Public Service Commision.

Put it this way.
At least you can stop services anytime.
Now go sign a 2 year contract with satellite and see how they treat you once locked in.
Then what can you do besides pay up no matter what ?

My biggest complaint with Comcast is they force you into a triple play to make numbers look bigger on paper then after one year jack it up till you complain for days on end .

I’m currently with Time Warner which is being or has been bought out by Comcast.

TW has been great as far as up time & customer service. I hope it doesn’t go to chit after the merger.

Good luck as it creates a monopoly and they will care even less.

Comcast has extremely reliable service in my area.

Customer service is pretty decent with only a few exceptions in my experience.

One service call in 7 years and the problem was in the connection box in front of my home.

Only a handful of modem resets in all that time where needed and most of those were done remotely by customer Service.

Glad to hear some good news about them, being that they will soon be my service provider.

South Florida comcast is commonly known for terrible CS. I hate it when I have to deal with them. We moved about a year ago and it 3 weeks and 4 services calls to get our tv to work. Have had very few problems following that though.

One of the worst customer service ratings in the nation as far as I am aware of. I don’t have access to them in my area but I believe my parents had them when I was a kid and they didn’t like them then. I have a small internet provider in my rural area of the country. They are alright for there size great customer service but kinda pricey for my blood.

Today those idiots have sent me an appoint reminder for Tomorrow and I never asked for it. I will just keep let them run around like idiots for the hassle they caused me :slight_smile: