Come to my marketing presentation in Vegas on Tues, October 4, 9-10AM.

Why do they have you up against Instructor: Chuck Bellfontaine.

Do I need to run back and forth or set up a dummy in a chair at one of them? :slight_smile:

I doubt either of you would notice the difference.

Hey Bob,
Can you get some pictures of Mike Crow while you’re out there???:wink:


Nick you are giving this class in Florida too…right?

Yes, only a more in-depth version.

Sweet. Thanks.

So I get short changed at the presentation and the slots all in the same day?:frowning:
Russ knows enough about marketing already in my opinion.:cool:

Never know enough about marketing…NEVER

IMHO, yes. I could discuss hundreds of marketing strategies for home inspectors, but my slot is only an hour… so I might squeeze in three.

Bob… come to Florida!

Vegas resevations for Oct 1st - Oct 5th and already booked or I would love to come.
Maybe in January once Cabin Fever sets in.

Was offered to come in August but last thing I wanted to do was hit Florida in summer though they had a great time in the keys .

I went North.

Hope to see some of the guys there.

I know they tape everything there so is there a possibility of making it a NachiTV episode? I’m going to the Technical Sessions but I would still like to hear what you have to say.

Come to the bar with me later that night. I’ll do Part II. LOL.

We can record Part II also.

Nick I can still switch it and you have been there before.
Is Imperial Palace OK or should I switch ?

The Imperial Palace is an OK hotel as far as Vegas goes. You will be just down the street and the confence rooms are on the 2nd floor of the Flamingo right off the strip so it’s not a far walk. If you large portions Hash House is a great place to eat at Imperial Palace.

Good to know.
The owner of Mr Beef said ewwww that is an old Hotel in the old section.
Would have stayed at the Flamingo but the $60 rate was a lie as they wanted double that.
I keep hearing we are in the old strip and I am wondering if getting to the new strip is easy.
Been 15 years since I was there and remember very little even though we rented a car.
Those 3 days zoomed by like a blur and I never saw the bed though we had the Stardust Penthouse.:slight_smile:

It’s an older hotel and is pretty much in the middle of the strip. It’s like staying in a Hyatt hotel I would say. If your going to the classes all day then do anything after you won’t be in the room long. You can walk to several other properties and attractions. I booked at the Flamingo at the $60 rate. It’s only good for the days the convention is going. Here is a map of the strip.

They would not give me that rate even with the code.
See you there.