Comes with termites!

Something else to look for… never seen this before:

Pre- drywall inspection, 3 trusses (all side by side) had some pretty major subterranean termite damage… must of happened after they were built, and sitting on the ground, so how long were they sitting there I wonder? The damage was intermittent from one end of the truss to the other.

Since subs, they are prob not active, but integrity is compromised.

But if they are still active… what a deal!
“New house, comes complete with free termite infestation”!!

-I almost missed it, was trying to get pics of all the organic growth on the trusses


New construction FBC calls for a sub pretreat.
Agree it’s old stuff - what dopes.


But that would just be around the perimeter of the home. I could tell they were sub, had left over mud tubes. But if they were drywood, would you think they could still be active?

Not sure how they will replace or repair now, but not my problem

nice find…

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Possible. I’ve seen infested wood, plywood come right in from the stores.
Seen them a few times in new installed cabinets.


talk about a custom kitchen…

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I’d say that termite eaten wood should be worth at least a 25% discount.