Comfort zone

For you that like to stay within your SOP and not check a washing machine drain line you would have missed this one as it overflowed out the furnace condensate floor drain onto the garage floor. Yes I know you dudes have disclaimers for this but it does not keep your phone from ringing when the first load of clothes were washed by your client and it prevents you from repeat business they call me instead:shock::shock::D:D

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did You taste that to make sure it really did come from the washing machine?

Yes I do and it did not taste like chit :shock::shock: ya have to have a stomach for this job

good man…


What is your inspection process on washing machines. Do you run a full cycle or just rinse?


What is your inspection process on washing machines. Do you run a full cycle or just rinse?

if it’s a saturday inspection He probably runs a load of skivvys doesn’t everybody ?

Great now we have do Laundry what is next bloody windows lol

Who runs a full load, enough to drain?
I start em, if they’re there, just to see if they’re alive.
and that’s it.
Along with the disclaimers…

David I fill the tub about 1/2 full if the machine is there and I flip it to spin if the drain can handle that its good to go.

I have a rubber washing machine hose with one female end cut off that I use if the home is vacant the cut off end fits into the drain real nice and I loop the hose around the other valve so it does not jump out of the drain with pressure applied. All you SOP guys disregard the above I want your business:D:D

Hell I bake cookies also, what is your problem :shock::smiley:

Red Neck male chauvinist? :wink:

lol Well Charlie , Never mind i am speechless Cookies? damn . Sugar cookies? I bet they are better than Possum Pie

Great now if I can just get Jeffery and Kevin to go speechless I will have accomplished something:mrgreen::smiley:

So you did or did not clean up your mess Charlie?

I do laundry and bake cookies while I am on location I don’t Mop garage floors but I still get your business:D:D

But do you Iron and starch Charlie ? cookies are fine But Possum Pie is hard to resist .
And typically on site so you never run short of supplies.

Wayne I do what every it takes to get your business want me to come to TN AND show ya. I was not joking about the cookies, baked chip cookies today with a little help I did not want to waste the heat while testing the oven:D:p
When you do what ever it takes to skin the coon the below type house is what ya get to inspect. 8K in the house 2K in the garage

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Psst Charlie i buy a new pan .

Good idea though