Comfortstar unit

Can across a comfortstar unit(recently installed, newer looking unit), my question is the manuf. date. This unit did not actually state a serial #; but under the model #; bar code was this # 9296G1170800116. If this is the serial # ;would the numers after the letter G be the Year and the following # the month it was manuf? 2011, July

Do you have any other information such as the known model number?
Comfortstar is part of International Products and absent any other identification information, you may need to contact them directly…

Heres a couple of pics, i should have included.

Still not sure… a call to the manufacturer is probably in order if you have to peg down the manufacture date.

Dont have too, just try to establish a manuf. date for the client.

Hello I had a similar situation and I contacted the manufacturer. This is what they said in regards to these units and how to determine. You are not able to determine it from the serial number. We need to contact them, they take the serial number input the digits into a calculator that tells them what is the manufacturing date. The unit I had was model # HD24

what type of refrigerant ?