Coming soon. An advanced-level training system designed to help veteran inspectors.

InterNACHI is currently building an advanced-level training system to help veteran inspectors. Unlike basic courses and textbooks that broadly educate inspectors on various inspection-related topics, this system mimics those rare times in an inspector’s career where he/she might see something unusual on an actual inspection.

Here’s how the system works from the inspector’s side:

The inspector enters the training environment, and an image of a home’s system or component appears. The image may be of a defect not commonly found on a home inspection. The image might not necessarily make the location of the issue obvious. The inspector can then move about the image using his/her cursor and can also zoom in and out using his/her cursor… just like he/she investigates on an actual inspection.

Did you notice the issue?

When ready, the inspector can click the NEXT button and a description of the issue appears along with an annotated version of the image.

Do you know what to report about the issue?

When ready, the inspector can click the NEXT button and the perfect narrative appears for the inspector to use in his/her report.

We are also going to stitch together some images that include more than one system or component, with only one of them having an issue to make the advanced training tool more realistically mimic the experience of a home inspector in action.

Coming soon!

Free for all InterNACHI members, of course.

Excellent teaching tool.

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Sounds like a flight simulator for a pilot - looking forward to it!

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This will be awesome!

I can’t wait! Sounds awesome Nick.