Coming soon. Chris is building us a really cool DVD.

It basically shows one of our questions from for 10 seconds (giving everyone watching time to guess), then the next screen is the correct answer. It then goes on to the next question.

Great for chapter meetings.

Great idea. Thanks Nick and Chris for continually coming up with new and useful tools like this.

Finished today. I’ll have copies made next week. Works with computer or DVD player.

How much will it cost Nick?

Thanks for everything.

Is that question meant to make me mad or laugh? :wink:

Anyway, over 6,000 images within.

The DVD, like nearly all NACHI benefits… is free to members. I should have it ready for you all very soon.

I love those softballs my guys pitch for me to hit out of the park. Someone ask me how many hits we got last month… hee hee.

Hey… FREE sounds like a good price…!

I am still getting to use to the idea that NACHI does not
charge for everything. :cool:

Do we need to ask for them or will they be sent automatically?

You’ll have to pay the postage but it may be worth it.

Anyone holding a chapter meeting or event can have one free (shipping free too). I tried a test version yesterday and it is more fun than playing Jeopardy.

And worth every penny :mrgreen: