Coming soon... free, 24-hour accidental death & dismemberment policy for every member

I just finished the application for this policy which will cover every InterNACHI member at no charge.

I’ll let you know if and when it is approved. Should be soon.

Many thanks to Schuyler Hellings of CH Insurance for putting this deal together for us.

That’s a very nice benefit for the members!!!

Let’s hope it gets approved!

Hope I never have to use it.

It comes with this really cool concierge service including all sorts of perks.

Free Nachos?


cool dude

I got the binder today.

Give us the info.

How is their “binder” is it nice and packed with information like NACHI’s :smiley:


I’ll have details out soon for all members to see what they have received from their fearless leader. Thanks to Nick for including this in an InterNACHI membership.

Does that mean it only last a day? :wink: Thanks a lott Nick. :smiley: BTW, what is your other wife’s name?

Does that mean if I make the wife mad and she dis members me I can collect or is if NACHI dis memebers me I can collect. LMAO