Coming soon: Free E&O insurance

Coming soon: Free E&O insurance for inspectors who participate in

I’m going to do this with 500 inspectors at first. If you are interested in getting free E&O insurance, email me at

This is why we formed our own insurance company last year:

When you email me, don’t forget to include all of your contact info.


Eagerly awaiting details. I’m surprised this doesn’t have more feedback.

Not in Canada yet?

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This is pretty huge. I have my fingers crossed🙂

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any information on when it’s coming to Canada?

We are paying thru the nose, when is it coming to Alberta???

I would definitely do the buy back program if we got free e&o insurance.

It’s not free if you spend money somewhere else to get it (and do the math at $5.00/buy-back).

That $5 expenditure doesn’t go to us. It goes to the inspectors who participate in the program. For example, they get UNLIMITED printed marketing material shipped to them, as much as they want, to promote their inspection businesses.

My clients love the buy back guarantee, it costs me $7.00 Canadian $$, now I need the E&O

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Yes, it would be nice!

When it is coming to India?

Same question: In Canada yet, or any time soon?

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Hi Nick. Just curious to see if the offer is still valid?

Offer good in Canada?

Been in Canada quite some time.
Not in the USA yet, Junior?