Coming soon: Hands-on, mock inspections on actual homes and buildings.

NACHI, the king of inspection education.

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Know what would be great to do with these mock inspections?
Record them and air clips of them on NACHI.TV

It would be like the Internet verison of a ride-along.

plus- longer verisons could be availible for members or for purchase

NACHI already has saturation in all 50 states, so these could also be done state\area specific with local NACHI HIs; just think of the marketing potential.

just a thought


And tape different inspectors doing these inspections…then let us decide who we want to watch doing the inspection :wink:

Or not watch.

For new inspectors in NY State becoming licensed, they are required to perform 40 hours of supervised inspections, either with a licensed home inspector or through a school under a licensed home inspector selected by the school. (AKA: Module 5) We have had over 100 people go through this Module 5 40 hour training to date and it has been quite successful. It is much more involved than classroom training alone, and actually requires the student to submit a complete inspection which is reviewed and analyzed.

Len Ungar has been to date selected as our Module 5 Licensed Home Inspector to supervise each student in the actual homes they are inspecting. The students love it, and when they graduate, they have actually been in 10+ homes over 40 hours of inspection time, plus an addition 15-25 hours of writing and submitting the report to the school.

Overall, this type of training works! It should be everywhere!