Coming soon... InterNACHI Inspector Flashlights. Wait till you see these babies!

Coming soon.

Better be at least 200 lumens.

Are they going to be free?

Can’t wait. This is not a lie, you can ask my wife and kids, I have a flashlight fetish. Seriously I have a few hundred flashlights, some tiny and cheap, some big and expensive and everything in between, doesn’t matter, I have been collecting all types flashlights for over 20 years now.

Bring it on Nick.


Least you can SEE your problem…:slight_smile:

Bob Elliot warns:

Biatch please. :wink:

How about 6,500 lumens?

So, why is this CMI listing in the InterNACHI section???

Just another reason the CMI designation is a joke…

(Bribery will get you nowhere)!

Its not even an LED and its huge.

No Sale.

No chit. Whoever thought this one up has flashlight envy!

Who wants to lug around a damned 3 lb flashlight? Weighs more than my laptop!

It’s HID.


Its a automobile head light lamp.

And you can probably fry an egg on it.

Because if you are going to apply for your CMI… the flashlight, case, strap, charges, etc are all free.

False advertising! Bait and switch!

The title indicates it is an InterNACHI flashlight, but the link states it is CMI branded.

This isn’t the InterNACHI flashlight, I was just replying to Bob’s comment about flashlights needing to be at least 200 lumens. Our CMI flashlights are 6,500 lumens.

The InterNACHI flashlight(s) are coming soon.

For overall brightness, you can’t beat an HID, but they do need more power. These CMI ones stay very cold.

We have 4 more smaller InterNACHI LED flashlights coming soon. They all use CREE XML LED bulbs except the smallest, which uses a CREE Q5 LED bulb. They are the InterNACHI ones Nick is referring to.

I agree. I receive letters every couple of months, you probably do too, stating I’m “pre-qualified” to become a CMI. Not sure how anyone knows how many inspections I’ve performed.

Sometimes there’s a discount, sometimes a payment plan, etc. Similar to “pre-qualified” credit card applications I get.

So these are not at least 200 lumens?

Yeppers. They always get filed (you know where).

Like these?|Ultrafire&keywords=CREE+XML+LED&ie=UTF8&qid=1381262523&rnid=2528832011

The InterNACHI ones are 300-1,000 lumens.