Coming soon... InterNACHI trainer Gerry Beaumont does NACHI.TV.

www.NACHI.TV … where inspectors come to learn.

Will this be in English, mate?

His Texican sucks! :wink:

I hope he wears his wellies and shorts!:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, whatever Gerry does it on will be first rate…look forward to it.

I doubt it Carla, it’ll be June so I’ll be in Speedos’ and flip-flops :shock: :shock: :wink:



Gerry writes:

Speedos?! That being the case, we should charge non-members Pay Per View and make a fortune off of the ASHI guys :wink: .

Sorry Gerry…but that might be worth paying not to see…:roll:

Way to Go Gerry!

Looking forward to it.

Gerry, why, just why did you have to say that? I mean Paul had his speedo picture…I guess you have to have yours…

For all those interested in Gerry in his speedo…:mrgreen:

Stephen, you shouldn’t have posted that PIC! ASHI guys will be drooling all over their computer screens tonight :wink: :smiley: .

You too can have a body like mine … If your not carefull!! :wink:

BTW, you know what you are Steve, I know I don’t have to tell you :mrgreen:



Gerry used to weigh 285 lbs but he lost 100 pounds on the InterNACHI diet plan. Pizza, burgers, pot roast, real food for real men. Losing never felt so good. Free shipping right to your door, so join InterNACHI and score.

Gerry…Are you going to use any of those…"woody" words. You know the ones I mean…


Very “Tinny” Steve

Ooops. sorry old nag :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Besides, here is the very best ever MP sketch

And now back to the thread :wink:


None of this Huh??

Sorry Gerry! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: