Coming soon: Move In Certifified open house sign.

Coming soon to your neighborhood!

very nice. Hmmmm thinking you could offer to host an open house for a seller. As long as you are not “acting as an agent” and only give out public information such as the MLS listing sheet there should be no violation of FREC.
Then you could have a registry of names of the people that attend with email addresses and phone numbers that you can deliver to the Listing agent. If it is a FSBO then you could hand those “leads” out to new or potential referring agents with your card.
Plus those people who are looking at the house can get a copy of your sample inspection report and card for when they buy a house for themselves.
Plus… Wait never mind anything I said…Dont tell anyone…I want it all to myself…please delete this post.

Ken, I like the idea. It is thinking outside the box.
I am sure that the self-appointed, message board ethics committee will be weighing in on this.:roll: It’s like blood in the water to them.:shock:

Move In Certified signs are for FSBO, seller, and listing agent use. Agents are asking for them because having a home Move In Certified is the perfect thing for a seller to do prior to an open house.

Nick, If you need someone to try these new signs out I send me a couple or more. I can probably come up with a realtor and seller to try this out on.
I will be able to report back to everyone.

Done. I’ll buy the signs. After you do it, see if you can get a testimonial from the agent and/or seller.

I just pitched the idea to a Realtor on my inspection yesterday. He is all for it. I am going to get the details and try to set it up for next weekend.

I think they’d be very useful.
I’d like to see them say “For Sale”, at the top as an option.
Open houses are not held very much in my area.
My wife (Realtor) likes them a lot.

Will be doing a Pre-Sale Inspection right after the holidays for a friend of mine that is going through a divorce. Already spoke with the agent that will be listing his home for him. I will get a couple of the signs when everything takes place and let you all know how it works out.

Any updates? Seems like a solid idea. I’ll would be willing to test this out in So Cal Nick.