Coming soon. No questions asked line of credit for NACHI members who shop the mall.

Details details details… :slight_smile:

Any updates on this Nick?


Just like a woman. Give them a chance to spend with not limit and they cant wait.

jeez, bill…

Actually some of us can’t afford to spend 10-20,000 on equipment up front and are just hoping to be able to get the things we need up front to help jumpstart our business.

Besides most women get excited about shoes, not tools like I do. I’m not really a woman. :wink:

10-20K??? Holy chit…

Good luck with that…

Get real people, somebody has to underwrite the risk of providing unsecured credit. There is no free lunch.

And unless one is buying an IR camera or a vehicle, how would one spend 10-20K in equipment.

I didn’t say that was what I was spending.:roll:

I said from what I’ve read, some people have started up with that much which I DON’T have.

I would think that it would include cost for a truck, and other big ticket items.
I don’t think anyone has been implying that it isn’t underwritten. Just that there isn’t any hard *** credit stuff. Maybe a chance for those who are working hard to rebuild their credit to get started.

Nick has shared techniques for rebuilding your credit rating.

I’m skeptical that a magic wand will be waved and suddenly those without the ability to get credit on their own will suddenly be credit repaired. The risks are far to high for any credit offerers to provide credit to non credit worthy borrowers.

It’s just one of the hard facts of life.
It takes time and effort to repair one’s credit.

Please reread that.

I said for those who are “working hard” to rebuild their credit.

I’m not talking about a magic bullet. But I am rebuilding my credit and have taken great steps to be responsible in my handling of money and have been rewarded in small ways by being extended credit. This I am managing well so that I can move on to greater things.
Sometimes even when you have been responsible for several years, companies will hold your past against you. So it is nice to think that perhaps there is a chance for those who have had problems in the past, whether their fault or not.

You have been here as long as I have…you still haven’t bought supplies/tools etc?

Sure, but just basics. Really basic. But not the ones I really want.

Hey dont feel bad, my old partner used to go out with a flashlight (cheap one), ladder, screwdriver, and el cheapo electrical tester, and that was it.

Yeah, but things are getting way more competitive. :slight_smile:

Flashlight camera and computer will do a lot

Remember they do not know what you have in your toy box unless you tell them

Toys that I bet people have that they seldom use and could do with out

  1. Water level
  2. High end Laser Level
  3. Ultra sonic or laser distance measurement equipment
  4. DVM
  5. Water flow meter
  6. Black Light
  7. Binoculars
  8. Full set of hand tools
    9, Clamp on amp meter
  9. Voice tape recorder

Now some one can repeat the “Must list”

See I think the binoculars could be very handy. Especially the ones that have the cameras built in.

My students have found that they do not work as well as a digital camera with a zoom feature- just my opinion-

Much luck and success to all NACHI Members