Coming soon on NACHI.TV

John McKenna talks about the Master Inspector Certification Board and the Certified Master Inspector professional designation. Stay tuned!

Thanks John!

Valerie, I’ve sent you emails & calls with no response-
When is the Move-In Certified Insp show in CDA scheduled?

Valerie - When am I going to get my show???

I can’t answer Russell’s question because taking the crew on the road takes time to schedule, but anyone who has something to say can come to our studios and shoot a show anytime. Ben, come Monday morning and do one with me on FREA.

Any chance you could give me shorter notice??? I need to drop the 10lbs the the camera is going to add, get a tan, and get my haircut. I’ll need to plan this a month in advance :eek:

You’re in San Diego, land of the pretty people. Aren’t you already thin, tanned and neatly groomed?:cool:

Time it with the snow on Schweitzer . . .
It’s building up, Nick!

Thanks for all your hard work Valerie.