Coming soon: The ultimate sales letter to send to your entire former-client database

Tested and proven to fill your inspection calendar.

Making a couple more minor tweaks to it and we’ll release it (member password protected) in a few days or sooner.

At least here in KC, we could use any help we can get.

In the past, you could buy a “Gold-C” coupon book for $25 from high school kids and other fund raisers. Had hundreds of dollars in coupons in it. Is this something simular?

No. I’ll release it today.

an’t wait to see Nick.:cool:


Look for it very late. We’re so swamped today, every phone is ringing here. It’s a madhouse again. Just did another national interview that should hit the media on Saturday.

I was thinking of doing something similar this, Can’t wait to see it…

Thanks Nick