Coming this Friday!... comprehensive, online, radon course. Free for members.

A new addition to will be released this Friday.

This will be the most comprehensive radon course available.

Free for members.

We will be applying for state approval once released.

Ill be signing up
Thanks Nick

Thar is great.
Thanks a lot Nick

I am looking forward to this Nick. YOU ROCK!!!


Waiting to enroll, thanks Nick!

Don’t forget to submit it to Pennsylvania DEP for approval for initial and continuing Ed credits.

Thanks Nick!

Ohio Dept of Health also.


We have over 200 pictures and illustrations in the course.

Other training providers use old, outdated pictures and illustrations, which makes taking the course boring and tedious.

I spiced it up a little.

Who’s this guy?

Not the Laughing Philosopher

You must be new, and not aware of ole nickos relationship with pa
re: radon.
Got a feeling you will be waiting for a very , verrrry, verrrrry, long time for Pa to approve anything related to radon to someone with the name of gromicko:twisted::twisted::twisted:

Boy Dan, you’re a possitve spirt around here… as always. Did you ever hear of the old saying?..“It is better to be thought of a fool…than to open your mouth and remove all doubt?” I thought you were too busy doing five inspections every day plus reports to be an active poster here? What’s the mater…someone find out your full of it?

Five a day??:roll::roll: Never claimed that.
You must have me confused with nickeys certified master inspectors.

How come ole nickos only way to offer a new certification is creating a different association when ever he decides to certify something new??:roll::roll::wink:

Great news with the Radon class. I’m looking forward to it.