ComInspect to inspect multi story buildings using remote control helicopters/cameras.

I am pleased to announce that ComInspect (InterNACHI’s for-profit commercial inspection development company) has contracted with DragonFly out of Canada to supply us with camera carrying remote control helicopters to inspect the roofs and facades of multi story buildings.

Watch video now:

About ComInspect:


How will that help an individual Commercial Inspector such as me? Do we rent those gizmos by the day, week or month or do we buy them?

Bill Mullen

I’m going to stock them for when memebers have tall (3 stories +) building inspections. We’ll lend them out (much like our lending library does now), insure them, and keep them serviced. is already producing online video training.

What weapon pods will it integrate with?

That would make a [size=5]TERRIFIC "Daily Door Prize![/size] :stuck_out_tongue:

No offense to anyone here but how are you going to make these helicopters “Average Joe” proof. I have been around RC items for years and I in no way would strap my thermal imager to one and let it rip. RC helicopters are one of the hardest RC items to control.

I can see myself flying one of these in downtown Atlanta, slamming into other buildings and breaking the window 12 stories up, and of course it will be a lawyers window. :frowning:

Watched several of the videos. Pretty slick stuff. Bet it’s a pretty penny too! About the only thing they didn’t show was the self landing upon loss of radio link feature.

Too bad they haven’t yet integrated a proximity sensor to keep it away from stuff so Brian could fly it in Atlanta!

Hmm, maybe that’s a work in progress.

I’m thinking you might have so much fun playing with that helicopter you might find Yourself running out of time for the rest of the inspection…

Chuck, these control quite nicely using buit-in GPS. Watch this one:

They would be a good alternative to walking the dangerous roofs…

What would be iNACHI member’s price after discount?

Ya gotta love this guy.
He’s even better in person!

I really think I’d need a copilot (someone who could actually fly the thing) and then maybe a stewardess.

**What will they think of next? I got one, how about a robotic SpongeBob with a built in video camera that can be flushed down a toilet to check septic tanks. **
Sounds good Nick, but for those out there who have never flown a remote control helicopter you just can’t fly one by watching a video. I own one of these “Big Boy Toys” they are not cheap, and it took me over a year to master it, only after crashing it many times with very expensive repairs.
**If I ever have to go that high on a commercial building I think I would figure into my price the rental of a mobile cherry picker that can extend to the side of the building. **
**I beats sending you back the equipment in pieces.:mrgreen: **

good idea

After watching the videos Brian,… it seems the aircraft hovers (flat and level) when the joy sticks are released or returns to their neutral position,… sooooooo it is unlike a normal RC plane.

Of more concern: Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America and other national and international aviation regulatory agencies may have rules and regulations that limit the flight and use of unmanned aerial vehicles. These rules and regulations may include but are not limited to maximum range and altitude the aircraft can be operated, or may prohibit the use of video or data transmission equipment. The purchaser agrees to become aware of such rules and regulations and to comply with all rules and regulations that may be applicable in their country or state.

I think my biggest concern would be the abundance of power lines and other safety concerns.

**All kidding aside, it seems like a good idea. But, how long is the battery life, does it sense low battery power and land automatically? **
**I am all for new things, but my 50 year old eyes have not failed me yet. If a client is spending a large amount of money on a large building, I think the cost of a renting some type of equipment to view areas unreachable by ladder is acceptable to include in your fee. **
**Then there is always liability, and what if’s, what if it goes crazy and crashes into someone, or something causing personal or property damage. I would have to check with my insurance carrier prior to even thinking about using this thing. **
Again, I am a RC hobbiest who owns and flies a large RC helicopter, and I can say you have to know what you are doing with these things regardless of built in safety features. Every time I take it out to fly, I always learn something new about it and have been doing so for the last 5 years.

As an RC pilot I know from personal experience these things are not easy to fly. Model airplanes are easy to fly compared to helicopters. They can and have killed people. MAAC Model Aeronautics Association of Canada) Http:// rules would forbid you flying in populated areas.
As a member of MAAC with your wings you would have insurance provided you fly in areas sanctioned by MAAC and that is only at preapproved flying fields. Most local bylaws also forbid your flying Remote Controlled machines anywhere except designated flying fields.